John Tory fully supports food platform


"I fully support the Food Forward platform and look forward to working with your organization and others in advocating a health focused food policy in the city of Toronto," stated John Tory in an endorsement of the Food Nation platform. Tory joins over 60 other Toronto candidates commiting to action if elected.

"The need for action and a proactive policy with respect to food is clear," states Tory, listing issues of food insecurity, obesity, rising costs of food, and Toronto food deserts.

"We are seeing a lot of innovative urban agriculture projects throughout the city and I am happy to continue exploring measures to provide our city with local, healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food," said Tory. He lists urban agriculture projects at Eastdale Collegiate School and the Black Creek Farm as excellent examples in Toronto, and further learning we can take from initiatives in Montreal and Oakland, California.

"I look forward to leading the city and working with the province to reduce barriers, identify opportunities for growth in urban agriculture projects, and encourage innovative strategies for a health-focused food system."

Our Food Justice Committee thanks Mr. Tory for his full support and commitment to food policy change if elected. The Food Nation platform includes policies to improve access to fresh food at 100 food assistance programs, supporting planning policies that create healthy food neighbourhoods, and City leadership in bringing 250,000 people out of poverty by 2018. 

We look forward to working with the newly elected Mayor and Council, and all those who've endorsed the platform to start making positive change and results over the next few months.