Workshop: Expanding Street Food


 Food Forward is excited to partner with our members Marianne Moroney and CommunityEats who are presenting the Expanding Street Food - Food Cart Workshop.

Diverse street food is an accessible and exciting new opportunity for Toronto's food industry. You don't need to a food truck to get involved. The Expanding Street Food Workshop gives an inside look into how diverse and exciting foods can be sold from carts like the ubiquitous hot dog stand.

Our workshop is taught by Toronto street food champion, Vending Association Director Marianne Moroney, the City's only food cart vendor selling a diverse menu. Also present will be a representative of Toronto Public Health and caterers specializing in street-ready foods. Please share the poster below.

Food Forward successfully worked with Toronto food advocates to expand menus, locations, and reduce costs for food cart vendors in Toronto. This summer is the time to take advantage of new opportunities!

Our Jobstarter program features more workshops for new food entrepreneurs.