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On St. Jacobs Farmers' Market

Food Forward extends its heartfelt condolences on behalf of our members and Torontonians on the loss of the St. Jacobs Farmers' Market to fire last evening.

We understand the cultural and economic imapct this has on the community, and more broadly to Southern Ontario's food and farming community. More presently, we share the sadness from the loss of treasured spaces and family businesses.

So many of us here have strong connections with the Market and its people. Those who haven't visited know what it would mean to lose a St. Lawrence Market (which did also burn down when this was a small community). We would like to offer any support we can provide as an organization and as Torontonians in dealing with the near and longer-term circumstances.

Most immediately, we encourage the public to attend and support vendors at the outdoor market and Peddlar's Village building this Thursday and Saturday.

Please follow the Market's Facebook page for updates on supporting vendor products.

We have had shrinking local food infrastructure and this largest year-long market will need replacement of whatever sort that works best for the community. We hope that residents, farm and urban communities, and governments will work closely to build back and build stronger for a vibrant sustainable food economy.

Feel free to contact us for any support:


Food Forward Community Leader Award: Sue Sachs

As Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon said, "you are going to love Nutri Sue! She is a spectacular Locavore + Foodie who runs kids' workshops at Leslieville Market."

She volunteers there every Sunday since it opened last year and her passion and commitment to getting kids to appreciate and recognize real, good food is truly inspirational!

She connects the local to the global in her interactions with the younger and older generations, talking about how eating local is inextricably linked to the health of our selves, our families, communities, and the planet.

But for her, the most important is in the tasting! She does not let anyone leave her table before they try whatever food is being featured in its wonderfully-raw, nutrient-dense state! She has become a hallmark of the Leslieville Farmers' Market, where kids and parents alike come to learn, taste, and be inspired to think global and delight in the incomparable deliciousness of local!

Congratulations and thank you to Sue for her good work for the community.

Learn more about Sue's Nutritional Consulting and about the Leslieville Farmers' Market.


Event: My bad! Learning from failure in good food work

+ Foodie Drinks East-end Edition!

Working, volunteering or interested in local, sustainable, healthy, ethical food initiatives & businesses in the City? Come learn from our panel of Toronto food innovators. We all make mistakes, but do we learn from them? How can business and non-profit programs grow facing after strumbling blocks? What challenges face our sector? Come join the discussion with folks who've had plenty of success:

- Tony Sabherwal, Owner of Magic Oven

- Grace Yogaretnam, Co-Chair of the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council

- Laura Reinsborough, Founder & Director of Not Far From The Tree

Sign-in at 7:00-7:15... Stay post-panel around 8:30 for Foodie Drinks, to mingle and learn about some initiatives and businesses in Beaches-East York and Toronto-Danforth. Join foodie Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon and others to learn more about what's happening and how to get involved. Let friends know you're coming by Tweeting with #FoodieDrinks and sharing this invitation. Always the best opportunity to connect. 

Thank you to the Big Carrot for their support of this event!

Place: Toronto Naval Club, 1910 Gerrard St. East, just south of Woodbine Station. Accessible space.

Time & Date: Tuesday, June 19, 7:00PM-10:00PM

Cost: $5 bucks for Food Forward members, $10 for guests, or $15+ to attend & become a Food Forward member! Free for Supporting Members/monthly donors. (Pay/register at the door or in advance)

Thx for the contribution - it helps put on this event and sustain our work.


#foodTO Video Launch & Membership Contest

We're pleased to launch this snapshot of the good food work motion in Toronto, alongwith a membership campaign & contest to grow Food Forward & our voice. This video has sprouted up thanks to Red Gecko Productions with help from some of our friends.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think, and please share this with friends. Become a member of Food Forward today!

Who should join & share? Those who care about prioritizing access to good food and good food jobs in Toronto, who want to help create an environmentally sustainable and more equitable society, while building community through food! Your membership enables our work & provides you with event discounts, great resources, and unique ways to become more involved. A donation of what you can afford keeps Food Forward sustainable. Current members can also renew or donate. 

To sweeten the deal, we're launching a membership contest as part of a drive to get more Torontonians involved. It's simple: we're asking for your help in bringing new members to Food Forward from today (June 5th) to June 22. Let us know by that date who you've referred (you can email Darcy). The member who's signed up the most Food Forward newbies will win a delicious gift basket of local & sustainable food & treats from some of the small businesses featured in our video (like Earth & City!) Good luck, and let us know if you have any questions!