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Foodie Drinks - Eglinton-Lawrence Edition

It's been a little while since our last Foodie Drinks, so we're coming back strong with a great event highlighting wards 15/16, this time at a small food market! Everyone from the area and beyond welcome to come learn, brainstorm, and connect.

Foodie Drinks is our monthly chance to mingle, network and build new relationships around good food in Toronto.Whether you work or volunteer in food, or are just interested in growing vegetables or supporting Toronto businesses, this is a great place to see friends and make new ones.

This month will feature special guest, Councillor Josh Colle, member of the Toronto Food Policy Council and active advocate of good food jobs. Come learn from our non-profit and business guests, Growing for Green (Ben Nobleman Community Orchard & Sharing Backyard) and the innovative Wo-Built.

We'll be at Zito's Marketplace sipping cafe, 210 Marlee Avenue (Just 3 blocks from Glencairn Station), Tuesday, May 29, 7:00-9:30PM

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*Free entrance, but grab a Food Forward membership to get involved and advocate for a better food system. Or become a member now by clikcing Join Us above! Wheelchair accessible with partially accessible washroom.

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Councillor Berardinetti hosts Urban Gardening & Food Forum

Food Forward will be participating in the Urban Gardening and Food Forum hosted by Councillor Michelle Beradinetti in Ward 35, Scarborough Southwest.  We'd like to thank her for the information and for prioritizing food solutions in her ward.  Here's more info - can you join us?

Date: Saturday April 28, 10am-2pm

Location: Access Point on the Danforth, 3079 Danforth Avenue (at Victoria Park Avenue)

Details:  The event will include workshops on Container/Balcony Gardening (including FREE compost and containers), seed planting for kids, information on the downspout disconnection program, rain barrels and face painting!

Talk with Sharing Backyards and you might find a “growing” partner! Get help with your “green ideas” from Live Green Toronto. Share your information and recipes on Seeds of the World.

Tour of the rooftop garden area – the only one in Scarborough!

Starting at 1pm:

Interested in issues of food security in your neighbourhood and doing something about it, or want to learn more? Join Food Forward in this workshop to learn more about some of the problems in our food system and think about solutions for Scarborough Southwest!

Special thanks to Access Point and Access Alliance


Sharing for a food friendly Toronto

Food Forward is excited to partner with ExtraShare to bring this simple but useful tool to Toronto's neighbourhoods.  ExtraShare is a new website that helps communities connect through food.

- Items such as garden vegetables, space and knowledge can be shared or even traded

- All personal information is kept hidden, so meetings/transactions only take place if the sharer feels comfortable



Paolo Granelli, the founder of ExtraShare, got the idea last year when he grew too many zucchini in his garden. He still had leftovers after sharing with friends and family, and wondered why there were no websites offering to help.


The site is currently in 'BETA', meaning that new features are being implemented based on user feedback, and the site may go down from time to time while changes are being made. The ExtraShare software development team is currently working on beautifying the site and implementing a login and 'share' feed system, enabling users to create private sharing circles and easily broadcast availability to their friends.

Help Food Forward spread the word by passing this blog to your networks and community groups. Read more about the initative.


To share, visit: 



Stay connected - Join Food Forward!


Toronto won! From our newsletter...

I wasn't expecting to be writing you this morning, but good news deserves a quick note!

As you may have heard, Toronto City Council passed its budget, and in the process, reversed a significant number of proposed cuts to City programs.  Not just yesterday, but time after time over the last several months of the Core Service Review, funding and programs that were mulled and planned for cuts were saved.  These included food security related programs like urban agriculture, the Toronto Environment Office, neighbourhood Environment Days, community grants, student nutrition, small business development and festivals, the Riverdale Farm and fees at farmer's markets.  Yesterday, led by good food-friendly Councillors Colle, McMahon, Mihevc and others, additional funding was also restored to the Toronto Environment Office and Live Green Toronto community animators, as well as food security-related transit, child care and youth programs.

To think we've been in meetings and writing letters opposing these cuts since last summer... reviewing the above list shows the strength Torontonians have when we get involved and work together with neighbours and like-minded organizations. Thank you to all our members, supporters and partners for all the work you have done to keep Toronto healthy, compassionate and green.  I was lucky enough to share this congratulation on food security and related wins on CP24 last night.

Now is the right time to work on a positive and propositional agenda that builds a City with good food jobs and community food access, allowing ventures to flourish and a sustainable City to be revealed in every neighbourhood.
If you haven't joined us, please become a member, make a one-time or monthly donation, and get involved as we organize in wards throughout the City to make this vision possible.  It will certainly take good ideas, modest resources and more fun work! 

- Darcy Higgins, Executive Director

"So let us be loving, hopefuly and optimistic. And we''ll change the world." - Jack Layton

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