picnicTO - our first Community Garden Party!

Everyone's been enjoying our "Foodie Drinks" and the weather dial's been turned to Gorgeous, so we're moving outside for our next food movement get-together.

Not the Queen's kind of garden party, we'll be meeting at Eglinton Park Heritage Garden for a picnic and tour. Bring some dinner and enjoy mingling with gardeners and new friends, while getting a tour of the Eglinton Park Heritage Garden and learning about what makes it unique, from Toronto Green Community's Emily Martyn.

- Thursday, June 9 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm
- Eglinton Park Heritage Garden (north-west side of Toronto Memorial Centre) at 200 Eglinton Avenue West (near Eglinton Station)

It's also Market Day at Eglinton Park, so come by a little early to pick something up from Appletree Market, which closes at 7.

More details on the Garden here.

Wherever you are in the City, it will be worth the visit. Special welcome to residents & businesses in the neighbourhood.

Hosted by Food Forward. As always, donations and memberships will be accepted.
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Event - The Future of the Food Sector

The food and agriculture sector from now on will look a lot different than it has for the last fifty years - and the young leaders in this forum are guiding the way.

Our speakers include those developing programs and policies that are changing the way we see the food system while doing work that will transform how we understand health, food access, community and sustainability. They will share a wealth of knowledge and ideas in leading-edge programs and policy frameworks being tried & tested in Toronto and Ontario universities, municipalities, non-profits and businesses.

Topics covered will include urban agriculture, local sustainable food procurement, food literacy and municipal policy. The forum will be a beneficial opportunity for anyone working or interested in food & agriculture, planning, health, environment and policy, whether in private enterprise, government or the citizen sector.

Refreshments (fair trade and local fare) will be provided.

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 22, 9:30-11:30AM
Location: Deer Park Library, room 204, 40 St. Clair Ave. East, Toronto

- Tracy Philippi, Chair, Toronto Youth Food Policy Council
- Jason Qu, Campus agriculture and food security initiatives, University of Toronto
- Jodi Callan, Senior Environmental Planner, City of Toronto
- Ian Hepburn-Aley, Urban Agriculture & Community Food Facilitator, FoodShare

Listen to Ian and Jason.

Cost: $35

Spots at discounted price are now taken. Thanks for your interest!

Registration: Register for this event by contributing $35 on our Get Involved page or by becoming a monthly Food Forward Supporter. Option to pay by cheque. Any questions, please write:

This event is organized by and supports Food Forward


Talking About Food... and Eating It, Too!

I used to think January was a dead month: many people take a few weeks to recover from the holidays (excessive eating and exposure to family members will do that), and for those of us living in more wintry climates, any interest in going outside is easily replaced by the desire to keep warm under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate.

Then I met Food Forward, and my naive worldview went out the window... and immediately froze in mid-air and shattered on contact with the sidewalk. Later someone slipped on it and fell. You get the idea. If you only attend two events this month (okay three, because you should also come to the free screening of The Economics of Happiness), these are the ones for you:

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