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Sweet New Initiative Award: West End Food Co-op

For an organization, group, or partnership whose recent work has led to the development of an initiative contributing significantly to increase: good food, food justice, and/or community food security in Toronto neighbourhoods or communities.

The West End Food Co-Op is a multi-stakeholder co-operative that includes eaters, producers, workers, and community partners. Throughout their development they have been so much more to neighbourhood residents. Their nominee said they that they have been transforming their neighbourhood by motivating people to come out of their homes to shop together, learn together and invest in a 'more-than-a-food-store' vision with their own sweat, passion and money.

WEFC is about to open its doors to being a food shop, community kitchen, cannery, learning centre, and magnificent food hub. It is an insightful initiative that has put in so much work to show that small communities can have a say on where their food comes from and how it is distributed.

One of our panelists called the hub is both practical and visionary. We wish all success for this sustainable project and encourage everyone to become involved and support it, and we are looking to learn further from its challenges and successes.

Learn more about what's coming and how to support the West End Food Co-op.


Event: My bad! Learning from failure in good food work

+ Foodie Drinks East-end Edition!

Working, volunteering or interested in local, sustainable, healthy, ethical food initiatives & businesses in the City? Come learn from our panel of Toronto food innovators. We all make mistakes, but do we learn from them? How can business and non-profit programs grow facing after strumbling blocks? What challenges face our sector? Come join the discussion with folks who've had plenty of success:

- Tony Sabherwal, Owner of Magic Oven

- Grace Yogaretnam, Co-Chair of the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council

- Laura Reinsborough, Founder & Director of Not Far From The Tree

Sign-in at 7:00-7:15... Stay post-panel around 8:30 for Foodie Drinks, to mingle and learn about some initiatives and businesses in Beaches-East York and Toronto-Danforth. Join foodie Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon and others to learn more about what's happening and how to get involved. Let friends know you're coming by Tweeting with #FoodieDrinks and sharing this invitation. Always the best opportunity to connect. 

Thank you to the Big Carrot for their support of this event!

Place: Toronto Naval Club, 1910 Gerrard St. East, just south of Woodbine Station. Accessible space.

Time & Date: Tuesday, June 19, 7:00PM-10:00PM

Cost: $5 bucks for Food Forward members, $10 for guests, or $15+ to attend & become a Food Forward member! Free for Supporting Members/monthly donors. (Pay/register at the door or in advance)

Thx for the contribution - it helps put on this event and sustain our work.


Scarborough doesn't get the shaft

It's time for the 600,000 or so Scarborough residents to get in on Foodie Drinks. Although we can't fit them all... this edition is a special one, all about profiling the excellent work in community food security happening from Steeles to the Bluffs. Come learn about getting involved in your neighbourhood or see what's going on in a new area, or get ideas for new projects and models of food work.

Foodie Drinks is our monthly chance to mingle, network and build new relationships in Toronto's food movement. No matter where you work, volunteer, or if you just care about social equity or good food culture, this is a great place to make and see friends. Invite someone along and make it grow.

Toyin Vanessa Coker be presenting on a new neighbourhood food hub coming to Scarborough. We'll be at the Working Dog Saloon, a comfy place that does its best to source local and sustainable ingredients while making fresh food and supporting people & animals in the community. They'll be chatting with us about how + why they do it.

Grab a Food Forward membership to get involved and support more opportunities to connect and advocate for a better food system. (

Attend on Facebook and promote on twitter with #FoodieDrinks!

Location: Working Dog Saloon, 3676 St. Clair Avenue East.

A very quick ride on the accessible 20 Cliffside bus from Kennedy Station.

Time: 7:00-10:00PM, February 23, 2012

Please remember to bring ID if you're staying past 9PM.