caterToronto is a network of creative and collaborative caterers, operating as “quiet operators,” “social enterprises,” and “micro-businesses” that are seeking better economic outcomes with dignified, diverse, and delicious food employment and entrepreneurship.

We are unique and innovative in every way. caterToronto began in 2012, with funding support from Metcalf Foundation for Food Forward and North York Community House to coordinate a network of community-based caterers for better economic opportunities. The principal consultant, Vanessa Ling Yu who is Founder of FoodSpokes, now incubates caterToronto, and has continued to grow its mixed-model composition to include 25 community-based caterers representing over 100 motivated individuals frequently living as newcomers and/or with no- or low-income in low-income neighbourhoods. In addition to its community-based approaches, caterToronto is also exceptional because of its integrative work with strategic public and private partners to provide a range of healthy, diverse, delicious food products and services that promote community and economic development across the Greater Toronto Area.

caterToronto is ramping up connections and channels by which its members can cater your event and enable shared opportunities to promote better food for all. Connect with us to become a member of our network or ask for us at your next social gathering, community meeting, or corporate event.

In 2013, caterToronto hosted its first forum. Check out the program here!

For more information, please contact caterToronto - Vanessa Ling Yu at Connect with caterToronto on twitter @caterToronto and Facebook