Food Justice Committee

Check out the Committee's first event on CTV: "Illegal" fruit stand goes on the road

Food Forward is where Torontonians meet to create a better City through food. We act together to educate and advocate effectively for healthy food and communities that are inclusive, diverse, ethical, local, and resilient. 

The Food Justice Committee is made up of Food Forward members who would like to learn more and act on issues of food inequity and justice in Toronto and our impacts elsewhere.

The Committee will work to:

- Develop deeper understanding of food justice issues in Toronto communities including structural issues and solutions to inequity, oppression, ecological and animal rights within food systems;

- Advise on Food Forward initiatives from a food justice and anti-oppressive lens;

Identify areas for action and campaigns to advocate for food justice approaches and outcomes in Toronto;

- Connect with organizations, campaigns, and grassroots groups to strengthen, support, empower or ally with food justice education and advocacy work in Toronto.