Good Food Jobs Hub

Food Forward is focused on growing good food jobs in the City.

We have a growing group of people working hard to change the food system. More and better jobs areneeded, while we work to improve access to healthy, sustainable food. Food is a top sector in Toronto, and good employment can help bring people out of food insecure situations.

With many looking for work to build a better City and countryside, all parts of Toronto need more non-profit and for-profit work in the food sector. Social enterprise is booming in food, and Food Forward has been working to build supportive policy, while connecting and training social innovators since 2010.

Our Food Entrepreneur Training Program has been developed to give food business-specific training and insight to new entrepreneurs, especially to give a leg up to those in un- and underemployed situations. Practical support is provided by top Toronto food entrepreneurs and business leaders. Please let us know if you'd like to participate in, or support this work. We have held three workshops in the last two years, and two more as part of the program at the end of 2012, supporting training opportunities for 40 entrepreneurs.

Helpful connections:

- Take a look at our archive of blogs relating to food jobs. 

- Join our Work in the Food Sector Facebook Group we started with the TYFPC to post & find job openings and discuss and network about Toronto food work in general.

- Find useful info for on your start-up on our Resources page.

- Check our Directory of Good Food Businesses to visit and connect with local businesses working to make change, and consider having your Business become a member of our network as well.

- Connect with us on Twitter and follow our list of Good Food Businesses who tweet. You can also find Business on our Pinterest Members board and learn more about the sector on our Good Food Jobs board.

- Become a member, keep an eye an eye to our e-newsletter and Facebook group for more information on our upcoming Foodie Drinks events and food business training workshops, supported by Heifer Canada.