Spicy New Venture Award: Len Senater and The Depanneur


For a food-related business or entrepreneur whose recent work has led to the development of a delicious venture contributing significantly to increase good food, food justice, and/or good food job expansion in one or more of Toronto neighbourhoods.

Len Senater followed his heart and translated his passion for food into the recent establishment of The Depanneur, a self-described place "where interesting food things happen."  

Located between Dovercourt and Dufferin on College Street, Len and his restaurant have played host to an endless variety of community food events such as the Rusholme Park Supper Club and casual, drop-in Tuesday dinners where you get whatever Len decides to cook.  

True to his roots in advertising, Len remains the ultimate collaborator and is committed to fostering a strong, local food community. On Friday nights, Len opens his kitchen to Toronto cooks who serve their own delectable creations to an excited and dedicated Depanneur clientele of all ages. Tasty, healthy prepared food products, organic milk, local butter and real farm fresh eggs are all available for home-based culinary adventures.

Len is committed to helping small food producers including another of his nominators, and of others in this room. He is always looking for new local food talents, to help them promote their businesses and their visions. His kitchen expansion and most other things about The Dep are going to keep help our businesses and our movement.

The Committee agreed he was committed to the community and to sustainability, and making a difference and wants to thank him for his work and support.

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