Good food jobs in the news


A couple weeks ago we enjoyed a super Town Hall of guests with backgrounds in small business, government and academia, all talking good food jobs.  Though not identified solely, problems with making tasty food things happen in Toronto came down - as identified by the public in the Food Strategy - to layers on layers of City policy that are hampering new initiatives.  

Panelists had a diverse number of strategies and thoughts on getting things done regardless, depending on the venture, including:

- working where the rules allowed them

- applying to the City for change and getting approved or rejected

- consultant services and working with City staff to work within the rules

- starting pilot projects

- advocating together for suitable rules and fees

- breaking a rule and asking for forgiveness

There was an overall feel that either rules needed changing, or more minds needed to open to allow pilots projects and new policies surrounding mpbile vending, food trucks, street produce vendors, farmer's markets and food events.

Food Forward looks forward with this advice to do its part by continuing to campaign for good food jobs and our speciality in working to change bad policies.  We're thrilled to have new partners in this effort.

We're thrilled that Catherine Porter who moderated the Town Hall featured panelist Josh Neubauer in the front-page Toronto Star story the following Monday Red tape spoils fresh idea.

The Globe and Mail also covered the issue in an articleby Sarah Elton about food deserts and the anniversary of the Toronto Food Policy Council, Toronto plans to bring relief to suburban 'food deserts'

And finally, the Globe's Marcus Gee looks to what Calgary is doing to east regulations for food trucks and why thinks we should do it too, Taking street food from flop to fame

Bon app!