Kitchen Questions...


Questions to ask when renting a new kitchen space

(for business activity)

Rental Requirements

Do you rent the kitchen for commercial purposes? 

Do you require renters to have insurance? What kind? 

Is the rate hourly/daily? Is there a discounted rate for non-profit/unwaged?


Kitchen Amenities

What is the kitchen outfitted & certified to make? Are there any relevant restrictions? (for example no deep frying permitted)

What equipment is included in the kitchen - is there anything I am required to bring myself?


Storage and Access

What hours is the space available? Is there a way to get access in off hours in order to pick up/drop off product?

How much space is available for storage (for equipment, ingredients, and product)?

What kind of storage (dry and refrigeration) is there? If required, can I bring my own refrigeration space? 

How long can I leave products in the space? Is the space secured from other users of the kitchen?


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