The other side of the coin


This week I'm swapping diets with Darcy as part of the Do the Math Challenge, see background post.

Right now the green guy is starting to look a little green around the gills from all the sodium and crap he’s eating. He’s basically eating stuff from my pantry that is food bank govno. He will start to get apathetic and listless and, if the diet goes on, lose interest in his world. I on the other hand am feeling recharged with almonds, kale carrots, soy milk etc.. You get the picture. I am eating the apples a day that keep us sharp and rosy.

Maybe if I could eat like this all the time I would be taking less meds for my diabetes and high blood pressure and if I did go back to work. My drugstore bill would be affordable. And going back to work would make me happy and healthier.

Food is a big part of life and people on social assistance have a hard time buying fresh foods due to cost and geography. The better stores that sell local are not here. I know there is Food Share but many want their privacy and don’t like the charity model. We like to buy what we want and not have to register for it. If I get some extra money I go to St Lawrence Market and shop like a fiend for fresh veggies and fingerling potatoes.

Food affects hair and skin and if you are not eating your fruits and veggies you will get all pasty and stringy. Vitamins from a bottle can’t replace good food. When I was a vegan I glowed I also got pregnant cause I glowed so much I attracted a much younger man.. but that’s another story about the power of veggies.

Darcy has given me a chance to maybe get myself back into vegan ways and maybe get the sugar and blood pressure under control again. I tested high a few days ago and I’m not happy. I know Darcy is not happy with this food and his aim is to show how stupid it is not to feed people right. The government is wasting money. On the other hand, money will have to be spent in the schools to teach the kids how to cook in a healthy way and using foods that are grown locally in Ontario and possibly grown by themselves.

More pictures of Connie and Darcy with their foods here: