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Letter to City Council on street food decision

As residents of Toronto who are founders of new organizations, small businesses and non-profits involved in the City’s growing food movement, we want to write in support of opening up Toronto’s street food. We are some of the little guys in food doing new things, and helping others to start small businesses and create opportunities

We've often seen entrepreneurs face City rules that hinder rather than help us to create opportunities and jobs. That’s why it is exciting to see new street food policies that would finally harmonize by-laws across the City to allow for easier access to sell diverse food. Until now, there’s been nothing but red tape.


We hope to see policies that allow new street food adopted at this week’s Council meeting based on the street food study approved at Licensing and Standards Committee. But we have two concerns:

A) The proposals keep a moratorium on any new food carts downtown, and B) they allow a single complaint to immediately deny a new food truck or cart, with appeals going to Community Council.


Many of the new vendors we work with won’t be in a place to spend tens of thousands on a food truck. Meanwhile, residents, workers and tourists downtown want opportunities to try diverse foods, more than hot dogs, on the street. Torontonians are making incredible food. Young people and new Canadians should have the opportunity to start with a business with a cart and provide good food at good prices.


Since new trucks and carts already have to be a significant distance from restaurants, there should be a clear process for them that doesn’t lead to denial of approval after one objection. The proposed process with a denial being sent to appeal at community council would create time and headaches for everyone.


Therefore, we are asking that councillors amend the staff report as follows:

A)   11. That City Council lift the moratorium on R53 Sidewalk Vending Permits for all food vendors in wards 20, 27 and 28.That in these wards the City allow up to 20 new vendor permits to be issued for the 2014 season.

B)   Chapter 740, Street Vending - Article II and Article III

That a notification of objection does not lead to a refusal of the application by the Executive Director. That Licensing and Standards will devise a process with clear and reasonable grounds for denial of permits that reflects issues of space, mobility, sanitation and related issues that can be studied by staff and reported to the applicant and objector, with opportunity for dialogue, amendments and an appeal process.

Thank you for hearing our voice on this issue. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on the matter, or ideas to create a better City through food.


Hassel Aviles, Founder, Toronto Underground Market

Hillary Connolly, Founder, Food/Craft

Sang Kim, Founder, Yakitori Bar and Seoul Food Co. and Windup Bird Cafe

Evis Chirowamhangu, Founder, Mnandi Pies

Vanessa Yu, Founder, FoodSpokes and CaterToronto

Paola Solorzano, Co-Founder, Santo Pecado

Adriana Pelayo Rubio, Co-Founder, Santo Pecado

Jonathan Mikhail, Co-Founder, Fourcorners Culinary Concourse Inc.

Catherine Carriere, Co-Founder, Fourcorners Culinary Concourse Inc.

Henry Faber, Co-Founder, Bento Miso

Jennie Faber, Co-Founder, Bento Miso

Darcy Higgins, Founder, Food Forward


Advocating For Good Food in St. James Town


Food Forward, The Toronto Youth Food Policy Council and Building Roots presents:

Advocating For Good Food in Your Community

What: St. James Town and area residents will learn how the development process works, how to communicate with city councillors and planners which will enable you to grow, cook, buy and sell food in your neighbourhood. 

When: Friday March 28, 6-8 pm

Where: Food Forward centre, 2 Homewood Ave (north side of Carlton St.)


Please register or ask questions to: gabilan@pushfoodforward.com or 416-459-9975. Only 20 spots available.

Foster relationships to create gardens, kitchens, food stores, farmer’s markets and community food hubs in your neighbourhood.

Refreshments will be served.

This is a free workshop. Please pass this along to anyone who would be interested. 

Thank you to the St. James Town Youth Council

This project was made possible through funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


Nut milk at the Food Forward centre!

Food Forward members are offering their diverse skillset in our new centre's Foodstarter series.

If you’re not down with dairy or you just want more variety in your milk­life, join us for this fun and tasty demo on making MILK out of NUTS and SEEDS.

You’ll learn how to make:

● The queen of nutmilks, ALMOND milk
● creamy and smooth HEMP milk
● rich and frothy CHOCOLATE­ HAZELNUT milk

We’ll talk about different types of nut milks, budget­friendly options, storage considerations, and what to do with all that leftover nut­meal!

Hosted by Hillary Connolly of Food/Craft

COST OF WORKSHOP is $15 (a sliding scale is available, please email for more information) . Proceeds go towards supporting the Food Forward Centre.

We have two easy and convenient ways TO REGISTER:

1. You can RSVP through email and then just pay in cash on the evening of the workshop when you show up.
email: Alyssa@pushfoodforward.com 
2. You can register and pay in advance , directly online at:


Food Action Hub

Food Forward has opened a hub downtown to meet the needs of our organization and grow our capacity to support the food movement - a space where food advocacy, community and jobs connect.

We believe in the power of our networks to create a better City through food. We've seen the results of harnessing the ideas of our members and supporting them into action through resources, capacity and connections. Our centre on Carlton St. is becoming a vibrant place for Food Forward's initiatives, volunteers, and members working to advance food justice and food initiatives throughout the City.

Consider joining us here!

A Jobstarter workshop at Food Forward's new Food Action Hub on Carlton St. adjacent Allan Gardens, transit and diverse Toronto neighbourhoods.

Our work here involves community-building initiatives, strategy meetings, entrepreneurship workshops, community partnerships, space to grow and prep food - lots to offer and more coming...

Follow the Hub on Facebook.

The space is available for meetings and events for businesses, organizations, or grassroots projects - please inquire.

Contact us for more information and let us know what you're working on: info@pushfoodforward.com