Project + Business Resources


Evolution or gentrification: Do urban farms lead to higher rents? - article with tips on working in community food and social justice

First steps to building diversity - learning and resources for diversity action planning in your organization from the Sustainability Network

Glossary for food justice and anti-oppression - terms from the Growing Food & Justice Initiative

Positive Spaces Initiative - how to be welcoming to LGBTQ newcomers in your comunity work, with local resources from OCASI

Community food

Community Food Centres Canada Learning Network - A venue for sharing resources, learning and best practices relating to CFCs

Community Health Centres "Thinking Outside of the Breadbox" - A how-to handbook for food security programming in CHCs by the GTA CHC Food Security Network

Community kitchens in North York - programs and contacts from Unison HSC

FoodShare's Program Resources - Community gardens, Field to Table, Good Food Box & Markets and more

Forming a Natural Food Buying Club - Live Green video on how to start up in Toronto

General Canning Resources and Recipes - Resources on canning and starting a community cannery from the West End Food Co-op

Integrating the right to adequate food into food and nutrition security programmes - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Jobs and work

Toronto Food and Beverage Cluster - key info & statistics

Work in the Food Sector - our Facebook forum for discussion on good food work and local job postings.

Temp and Casual Food Work - our Facebook group for odd jobs, temporary and casual work postings

The Food and Wine Industry Career Navigator - Facebook group for those looking for work or employees and other tips

Food Handler Certification Training - accredited food handler training partners in Toronto

Good Food Sector Jobs - more jobs, off Facebook posted at the CSI Food Innovation Constellation

How to start a food truck in Toronto - Toronto policies and fees as of 2012

How to start a mobile food business - basic business start-up 

Toronto Food Business Incubator - Toronto food business incubation program, food sector stats

Starting and Growing a Food Processing Business, and Guide to Food Processing Business - Ministry of Agriculture, Food, And Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)

Guide to Small Business and Government Services for Entrepreneurs - Government of Ontario and of Canda


FoodShare and City of Toronto reports - policy, programs, and plans

Toronto City Councillors - and contacts, find your ward + wards maps

Toronto municipal committees - and meeting schedules

Project funding

Grants & Incentives - City of Toronto and other places to apply for funding.

Urban agriculture

Community Animators - City of Toronto Live Green staff to help you get started

Community Gardens in the City of Toronto - everything you need to know on city procedures and resources.

Community Garden Network - tool-box, more links, and connections to gardens throughout the City

ExtraShare -Helping you share what you have or what you need to garden in the City.

Forming a Natural Food Buying Club - Live Green video on how to start up in Toronto

How Does Your Garden Grow? A guide to community garden success by Torontonian Laura Berman

Starting a Community Garden - FoodShare food animator describes all the steps in Toronto

Urban Agriculture Business Information Bundle – woohoo! OMAFRA's supporting urban farming with some resources for gardeners, entrepreneurs and municipal policy makers.