Introducing, the Toronto Street Food Project


Toronto and its City Council are at a food movement crossroads.  We have the choice, which I'm sure we'll take, to go the local, delicious route, and choose to create dynamic and innovative food culture by allowing diverse street food in the City.

After failed rules and programs, the time is right to allow entrepreneurs more room to create exciting dishes throughout the City and ending silly rules that prevent good things from happening.

That's why we're partnering with some of Toronto's street food stars to bring you the Toronto Street Food Project.  This campaign launches a website which lets you send a letter and a tweet, quick & easy, to your Mayor and Councillor with a simple message: change the outdated rules - we've waited long enough!

As the letter says, Toronto's food sector provides 58,000 jobs.  Street food has been cut back time and time again in Toronto, while a growing movement want to see good, safe and exciting food more available.

Please check the site, share it, and check back.  Time and time again, people doing community food projects and businesses are hitting barriers at City Hall.  Support the Toronto Street Food Project and let's get a start on making this a more food friendly City.  

(Stay tuned for more from us on bringing this issue to City Hall.)